Yodha: Astrology and Horoscope

Yodha: Astrology and Horoscope

By Love Astrology and Horoscope Compatibility by Yodha Nepalese Vedic Center Ltd

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With Yodha astrology and horoscope app, you’ll get a personal astrologer and all astrology can offer: love predictions, horoscope compatibility, zodiac signs, daily horoscope and birth chart readings. All will be in your pocket once you install the app. How does it work? - Download the astrology app - Submit birth details - Ask your question - Let an astrologer read your astrology chart and find the answer - Get your prediction by birth chart What extras will you get? - Daily horoscope, weekly horoscope updates for 12 zodiac signs: Aries, Aquarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus on special astrology events - Offers, promotional bonuses - Professional customer care + Extra features available in the PRO version - thoughts of the day, credits and etc. Wondering what you can ask? Love, Relationship, Family, Money, Career, Education, Business - all major aspects of our lives are affected by ongoing changes in celestial objects of the Universe. Check question examples: - When and where will I fall in love? When will I get married? - Is there anyone loving me secretly? What does love horoscope say? - Am I on the right path according to astrology map? What is in my life horoscope? - Why did we break up last year? What was the horoscope compatibility score? - Will it be good for me if I get back with my Ex? - Can I have some insight as to what my daily horoscope holds for me today? - Am I going to be in a new relationship soon? What is my love horoscope prediction? - Are horoscope signs always correct about personality? I act more like a different zodiac sign! - According to my horoscope chart, what type of books should I read now? - Is it a good idea to go for a date tomorrow with…? What is in my daily love horoscope? - Am I going to pass my math exam test tomorrow? Please check my daily academic horoscope. - What does my birth chart show about my love relationship? What can I do to improve it? - Will I get a sudden fortune or lottery luck? Can you make a finance horoscope? - I feel really heartbroken. What should I do? - What does my love horoscope and birth chart hold for me in 2017 and 2018? - What Vedic zodiac sign I have? I heard that zodiac horoscope signs are different in Vedic astrology. - Does my horoscope chart indicate anything about realizing my life purpose? - It is not easy for me to concentrate on studying process. What is my education horoscope for the year 2017? - Will I get a promotion at work in 2018 according to my career horoscope and fortune? - Is it a good idea to accept a new job offer now? What is in my work horoscope? - Should I buy that house in Palo Alto? What is the best place to live according to my birth chart? - What is my family horoscope? How many kids will I have in my life?
 Are Vedic zodiac signs different? In Vedic astrology, 12 zodiac signs known as horoscope signs have similar names to Western astrology: Taurus, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo, Leo, Libra, Gemini, Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Aquarius, but calculated and used in a bit different way. Vedic astrologers make horoscopes based on a deep multi factor analysis of a birth chart, zodiac signs and relevant surroundings similar to psychic readings to predict the future events before they happen. The daily horoscope and astrological psychic readings can be indispensable on the road to success in love, relationships, family, education, career, business, and wellness. Should you choose to subscribe to a premium horoscope subscription a payment will be charged to iTunes Account. The horoscope subscription price and currency will vary by location. The subscription automatically renews unless is canceled at least 24-hours prior the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by you and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings. Terms: http://yodha.us/terms Privacy Policy: http://yodha.us/privacy



  • Very accurate

    By Batool's Mommy
    Most accurate ready I have ever had
  • Disappointed

    By diyay95
    I really trusted in this app. Some of the stuff it told me was partially true, but it let me down multiple times. Told me I'd get back with my ex boyfriend many times. But he just cut me off completely and he told he wants to pursue someone else so these astrologers gave me false hope for a long time and disappointed me. The month isn't over yet and I'm still hoping your readings come true but so far I feel really let down.
  • Quick response!

    By StormtrooperGab
    Seems legit. Not overly positive to where you think it's not genuine. They made some predictions for next year so we'll see!
  • Great app

    By McbirdieMagoo
    Helpful and insightful answers to my questions, and daily inspirational quotes to read.
  • Love it on point

    By luvleegurl
    This has been so accurate
  • I'll take it!

    By Bldbombshell
    I asked a question that pertains to a big event 2 months away. I do not know how accurate the prediction I received will be until then. However, the answer I received was very professional. You can tell the answer was careful thought out and considerate before answering. Not something you get from most apps!
  • Love this app

    By Jsiwiejeje
    Every time I need guidance in my life, this app is the best way to find my answers. It is worth the month because the answers are accurate. I trust the astrologers and I been using this app for three years now. It's the best
  • So accurate!

    By Uniquemel507
    Thank you for your answers, very satisfied.
  • Very insightful

    By Utahmidwife
    Very insightful, and they seem to take a lot of time to consider me as an individual. Answers were very individualized and helpful
  • Prompt and Thorough

    By Momi~Feliz
    I just received an answer which stated I may potentially meet a new love and certainty of success in my career. Also included were bouts of time that may be disruptive.. including reminders that ebb and flow is a normal part of life. Be prepared to handle the highs and lows.