Wholesome - Healthy eating

Wholesome - Healthy eating

By Wholesome, Inc

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2014-03-15
  • Current Version: 5.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 54.90 MB
  • Developer: Wholesome, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 344 Ratings


Winner of the 2014 Innov8 For health competition, Wholesome is the only experience that collects healthy recipes from the web, allows you to track them, and gives personal recommendations to optimize your nutrition. Wholesome scores recipes out of 10 points on their healthfulness. Points are added for nutrition density and deducted for things like too much sugar or sodium. Scores provide the feedback that allow you to compare recipes and make conscious decisions about what you eat. Read our full Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy at http://www.wholesomeapp.com/privacy



  • Overcharged... Bait & Switch? Shell Game?

    By Jdtimes2
    I heard about the Wholesome app and looked it up in the App Store. Out of habit, I immediately looked at the in-app purchases. The app description shows three options for in app purchases. 1. Wholesome Pro $3.99 2. Wholesome Pro $2.99 3. Wholesome Pro $14.99 There is nothing in the description to distinguish the differences between each price level. So, I downloaded the free app to look it over. I clicked on a few features and liked what I saw. One of the features I attempted to select ("Eat" - which logs in a food diary that you have eaten the selected food) indicated that I would need to upgrade to the Pro version for $3.99. Again, there was nothing to indicate WHY the price was $3.99. (Why wasn't it $2.99?) There was no designation as to the level of service I would get for $3.99, nor was there anything indicating whether the payment was one-time or recurring. So, I searched the app description (again) as well as the developer website. There was no indicator on either site as to what I would be getting for my $3.99. Then I thought... this is less than the price of the sandwich I ate for lunch today... I'll buy it anyway. If it's recurring, I'll cancel it. So, I re-selected the "Eat" feature and opted to purchase Wholesome Pro for $3.99. The window to enter my fingerprint to confirm my $3.99 purchase popped up and I confirmed it. I then received an instant text message from my bank indicating that a withdrawal of $14.99 was made from my bank account. WOW! WOW! They took almost 4 times more money than they indicated they would. Don't forget this means they took almost 4 times more money than I confirmed they could! If not for my instant bank update, I might not have caught it. Be forewarned!
  • Amazing

    By GardenDelight
    Although it's not perfect it is probably the best four dollars I've ever spent on an app. Very powerful tool to make sure you're getting enough micro nutrients
  • Great App! But has some issues

    By YoginiRa
    I am so grateful for this app! I mean seriously this is necessary for everyone no matter if your optimally healthy or working on it. Stop counting calories and track your nutrition is what I tell everyone. I have never counted calories and never will and this app just proves to be an indicator of why as it lists deficiencies from simple tracking. Here are the issues I have with the app: 1. Always crashing and freezing- it's annoying and halts me from recommending it as I know the average person is not going to have the patience to use it especially if you get them to stop counting calories. 2. Lack of foods in database and common healthy foods brands especially for vegans and vegetarians. There should be some option to input products from websites or something that will allow it to be easier to input nutritional info. Nevertheless I use the app and paid for full version as it extremely necessary and there is nothing else's like it from my searches. Please fix bugs and add more foods or tool so I can recommend to everyone. If you are into holistic health, trying to heal yourself from common ailments leaky gut, candida, acne, hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues, PCOS, endometriosis, roscea, ezcema, or anything else and you are serious GET THE APP and stop buying more supplements. Use this to figure out what exactly you need and stop wasting more money guessing or listening to what worked for others. Much love ❤️
  • Useful but could be better/lost sign in

    By Criado too
    I use this to track calories and some specific nutrients. Importing data could be improved including typing data into a computer rather than a handheld device. (Allowing landscape entry would help!) A pantry feature would improve "what to eat next" by using what one has on hand. That could include, as a separate pantry, menus from common restaurants. A pantry could be used to suggest recipes. A planning day(s) would allow some what if scenarios to do longer range "what to eat next". UPDATE For quite some time, I cannot sign in and password recovery is not working. This, all my foods and recipes and data are lost.
  • Getting Better

    By kenpoengineer
    Getting better. Love the macro, micro, vitamin, mineral and other nutrition breakdown. If you want to get your nutrition corrected, then this app goes beyond just the protein/carbs/fat macros.
  • Solid app

    By harleybumpus
    I like being able to save my recipes so their nutrition info can be added to the food diary in one tap. Grateful this saves me from re-entering every portion of every ingredient for chili, pumpkin pie, etc.... every day. Whew! Also, love that we can add our own foods. I have great appreciation for how practical the app is for nutrition tracking. I would like to trend the data over time... app does not do this. Still, it does what it does well, and better than anything else my friends and I have found. I recommend it.
  • Helpful for Vegan

    By Tomboymonkey
    I started using this to make sure I was getting the nutrition I needed when I started eating vegan. There is currently no way to tell the program that I am a vegan, so I just checked "vegetarian". I like that it tracks my water intake as well – it reminds me to drink. You can set your desired nutrients (for the most part) for each day too. The bugs that I have experienced in the past 2 weeks are pretty minimal: 4 crashes (out of multi-daily use) when trying to chose from user-added foods, and some difficulty with the screen size. I wish I could set the "amount" of a food that I eat regularly when I save it as a favorite (for example: I drink water a cup at a time, but each time I return to the "water" profile I have to change the amount to "1 cup" from the standard "2 cups"). I'd also love it if there was a way to see the log of food eaten in a way that also showed when it was eaten, though that's a pretty minor improvement. Great app though! It's been working super well for me overall.
  • Life changer

    By Kent mitchell
    Lots of fun to know the details on what your eating
  • Well done - not well supported

    By Susanmariebanana
    Great UX! Or it was. It no longer connects to wifi or cellular data, so is now unusable for me on my iPhone 6.
  • My favorite app!

    By Borgelise
    Unlike other food diaries, this application counts everything: macros, vitamins, and even antioxidants. I can see where the gaps in my nutrition is on a daily basis, adjust and edit caloric needs and nutrition goals, put in recipes to track nutrition, and enter in my own ingredients. Healthful recipes and their nutrition content are available, along with links to sites with those recipes.