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Total body workouts and more: introducing Peloton Digital. Redefine your fitness routine at home or on the go with a membership to Peloton Digital. Choose from 15+ daily live studio classes taught by elite NYC instructors, or take one of 10,000+ on-demand classes, with new classes added every single day. Join inspiring and motivating workouts from anywhere, including cycling, running, bootcamp, outdoor, floor, yoga and more via your iPhone, iPad or Airplay. Transform any space and any equipment into your own private fitness studio. Named the “Netflix of the workout world" by Forbes Magazine, Peloton Digital gives you unlimited access to game-changing live studio workouts, no matter your fitness goals. FEATURES: TAKE YOUR PICK OF 15+ LIVE STUDIO CLASSES DAILY: Tap into an exhilarating live studio workout streamed straight from Peloton’s NYC studios, including some of the following popular class types: • Indoor Cycling • Running • Bootcamp • Strength • Floor • Outdoor Running • Yoga CHOOSE FROM 10,000+ CLASSES AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND: Find an unrivaled variety of thousands of high-energy studio classes, with 15+ classes added every day. TRAIN WITH ELITE NYC INSTRUCTORS: Get real-time motivation from our world-class team of instructors, bringing unique skill sets, teaching styles and killer playlists of your favorite artists to every class. FIND VARIETY TO STAY INSPIRED: Choose from a diverse selection of classes ranging in length, theme and difficulty level. Ride today, run tomorrow, try bootcamp or yoga the next. It’s all here. Perfect for: • Getting in shape with a wide range of cardio workouts • Elite instructor-led live studio fitness • Outdoor classes you can take on your next run • Studio workout classes straight from home or your gym • Classes you can take on your own exercise equipment • Workouts you can take while traveling or on-the-go MEMBER REVIEWS: “These live streaming workouts are perfect.” –Good Morning America “There’s a massive and ever-growing library of different workouts in addition to live classes, so you can always settle on a class that fits with your schedule and your body’s needs.” “I look forward to going to the gym everyday because of this app. I have told many friends how great it is!! I love the diversity of music choices and teacher personalities!!!” “Great instructors, best investment you’ll ever make in your fitness.” “I love the fact that I can get a gym spin class at home and feel like I’m part of something bigger.” “Motivation is almost never an issue for me. Now, I have it all at my fingertips...I continue to be amazed at what I learned during the session.” ACCESS PLANS: • 14-Day Trial: 14 days of free, unlimited access to live-streaming and on-demand Peloton classes on your iOS device. This plan can only be used one time. You will not be charged and the plan will not auto-renew. • Monthly Membership ($19.49/Month): 1 month of unlimited access to Peloton’s live-streaming and on-demand classes on your iOS device for $19.49. This plan automatically renews on a monthly basis. By completing your purchase, you certify that you are at least 18 years old and that you understand and agree to the Terms of Service ( and Privacy Policy ( Auto-renewal may be turned off in your Account Setting in iTunes after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period. A user that cancels during a subscription month will not be charged for the following month.



  • New update and I’m loving it even more

    By Em McHenry
    I used to use this app just for stretching and floor workouts, but now that they added Tread, I am even more in love with it! Similar to Barry’s and Orange Theory, but on my own time, at my apartments gym, and for a fraction of the price :)
  • Best $ Spent On An App!

    By Jaroszewskidq
    I’d like to say first off that if you love to spin this is the app for you. I initially subscribed to this when my work schedule conflicted with my spin classes at the gym. There also came a point when I could no longer afford a gym membership so I bought a spin bike (great investment) and was able to utilize this at home!! Add in a new baby and I’ve used this app endlessly. My only wish was that other forms of exercise could have added. I love to run and weightlifting. Then came Peloton Tread! Game over. Will never delete this app. I can’t wait to try it out. My one and only complaint is that it sometimes loses the stream to my TV while I’m spinning which completely ends the workout. I have to close the app, find my workout, then FF to the part I was at. Other than that, I LOVE this app. Great coaches. Awesome attitudes. Good energy. I feel like I’m in the studio with them and I get a great workout. Now I get to run and do other forms of exercise with the coaches too.
  • Great App

    By jlb103180
    Just received the Peloton bike and started using App. Other companies can take notice how great and simple this is. Hey didn’t overcomplicate anything. It just plan and simple works perfectly.
  • Love the update!!

    By JDubZ21
    All the classes are so easy to filter now. And the on demand library is stacked. Would love new yoga classes with Colleen in the future
  • Netflix of fitness - a must have

    By High castle
    Best fitness app on the market and an affordable way to enjoy all the Peloton classes without having to buy the bike or tread. Love the boot camp and outdoor content that comes with the latest upgrade. I use the app at home, in the gym, and now during my outdoor runnings too. With the new live classes added to the library everyday, soon I can delete all the other fitness apps!
  • My fave app

    By Ajpierron
    I love this app. I’m a peloton addict and now it’s even better. Let this app change your life. You won’t regret it.
  • One App to Rule Them All

    By abthornton
    This is just what I needed! I have a love/hate with gyms. I love the class diversity, but hate sweating next to people, sitting on a warm bench (barf!), or, literally, touching things other people have sweated on. This app has given me the structure, diversity and personal space that I needed.
  • Display problem with app

    By PeloJunkie
    I just reloaded the app onto my iPhone 8 and everything at the top is not displaying correctly and I can't do anything with the app at all. I guess I should delete and load it again? I don't know.
  • Apple TV app?

    By brandelynn37
    Can we get a app for Apple TV? I know I can cast from my phone but I would prefer a Apple TV app as my Apple TV is hard wired so stream would be easier and better quality
  • New look of the App

    By Snackszmm
    Love it. Clean nav, more content, intuitive UI. Holy Trinity. Well done team!