Rocket Languages.

Rocket Languages.

By Libros Media Ltd

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2013-02-21
  • Current Version: 4.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 25.61 MB
  • Developer: Libros Media Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 3
From 109 Ratings


UPDATE 28 Feb 2017: Due to many reports of compatibility issues with our speech recognition system, we have released an update that uses Siri-based speech recognition. Stability has improved significantly. --------- Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin (and more) anytime and anywhere with Rocket Languages. Our courses are designed to minimize your time to become conversational while keeping it fun! THE ROCKET SYSTEM We use the key strategies that successful polyglots use to learn 5 or more languages. 1. Making the BEST USE of limited time: Rocket is designed so that you can learn at your own pace and in your own time. 2. Understanding EXACTLY how the language and culture works: You get in-depth, step by step instructions on how the language works (in English), as well as valuable cultural tips 3. REINFORCE what you learn so that it sticks forever: Our scientifically designed Testing algorithm re-displays words and phrases that you are weak on until they stick in your head like glue. 4. Practice SPEAKING and SOUNDING like a native: The Rocket system has several features that prompt you to speak out loud. A key plank to your success. 5. Maintain MOTIVATION and have fun while you learn: Rocket has been designed to include a whole range of activities and features that will keep you engaged, motivated, and on track. OUR LANGUAGES • You can learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic (Egyptian), Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Hindi, and Korean. • Free sample courses are available in all languages (no ads!) ROCKETS MAIN FEATURES Each full level has: • Over 60 hours of Interactive Audio lessons • Over 60 hours of Language & Culture lessons • Plenty of Writing lessons (script languages only) • Voice Recognition that lets you perfect your pronunciation on the thousands of phrases in every course • 24/7 lifetime access with free upgrades • All of your progress is synchronized across all of your devices



  • Disappointed... don’t waste your money!

    By NikkiFrench
    I just purchased Rocket French (levels 1-3). The computer version is nice, however I am extremely disappointed in the mobile app. For the price I paid, I expected the app to be a great resource to use on the go. The app requires wifi or data and is really not designed well for mobile. It appears like a scaled down version of the web (small buttons, etc) rather than being designed in a way that is user friendly on mobile. Duolingo is light years ahead in terms of UI and that is a free app. Really hope this app is improved quickly as I'm considering getting my money back...
  • The app is troublesome

    By Franshanny
    The content and methodology of the course are very good. The app, though, does not coordinate well with the OSX desktop version (neither does the iOS "full" version, for that matter--it doesn't allow for speech input at all!). If you want a fully functioning, portable Italian language learning program, consider alternative language programs until Rocket Languages get their app up to speed.
  • Cant get it to work

    By Uspsjandi
    I have an iphone 6s and have tried to get the voice testing to work for awhile now. I even purchased a headset thinking the iphone microphone was the problem. It still does not stop after I speak and sometimes it wont even begin recording. I wanted it to work, but will be moving onto more reliable programs
  • Poor app implementation

    By Taran Wanderer
    The interface needs a ton of work. There's no good way to scrub thru the audio. Also, there's no offline mode. It doesn't look like the developers have updated the app in a long while. Did they give up? However, the content seems decent.
  • Pretty good but QA needs improvement

    By Dravstone
    I enjoyed the app for the most part. Having been a fairly fluent German speaker earlier in my lifetime while stationed in Stuttgart with the US Army in Germany for three years, I had a very good understanding of German language basics still after 30+ years (My how time flies!) and purchased only Level 3 as I needed only more advanced refreshing. Throughout the level, I had to submit feedback numerous times for corrections of misinterpretations of phrases and especially numbers. Often times something would be presented as a word number but would be interpreted and returned as the actual integer number and scored a less than 100% rating or the other way around with an actual integer being returned instead of its corresponding word number and also rated less than 100%. Usually response to my input was quickly received and corrected, but there were more than a few times that I received no feedback from them. I eventually tired of submitting the feedback and error correction request and just stopped doing so. There is also an annoying inconsistency of spelling of pronouns particularly du, Ihnen, dir, dich, etc. without any reason that I can fathom. I did not bother to report all the occurrences. As an example, at times the pronoun "du" would be capitalized in the middle of a sentence and then in the next phrase would not be. I also found it (again) annoying that there is no tolerance for any sort of pause between sentences more than just a few milliseconds. In fact, some of the native speaker examples would include a significant pause between two sentences, but I found that I had to rush the connection between the two sentences in order to have the interpreter to not interpret that I'd stop speaking. Lastly, I also found it problematic when a phrase was expressed with a "non-word". By that I mean a sound such as "mhmm" or something similar. The voice interpreter was very touchy with some of those and getting the right tone and inflection was very difficult in order to get a 100% rating. I can understand why these may be included just to give it more of a feel of an actual conversation, but it is kind of frustrating when you can't get something to be interpreted correctly because of it. All of these problems indicate to me that there is an insufficient amount of Quality Assurance testing of the app being done prior to the release of the product. I felt at times that I was the one that was doing the QA. For these reasons I gave it a four-star rating instead of five. I only used the web-based product once for about a half an hour, so I can't provide any review of that. Aside from these issues, I've really enjoyed working through the lessons. They were for the most part fairly entertaining. More importantly the app was very helpful in accomplishing my goal of getting me back up to speed with German. I leave for Germany for a 17-day stay in less than a month (Leaving on 9/23/17 in time for the Stuttgart Canstatter Wassen! If you're not familiar it is similar to the Munich Oktoberfest.), the latter part of which I will spend with a native German friend that lives in Weilbach (Unterfranken) that I knew when I was there 31 years ago. We lost contact with one another shortly after I left. I only reunited with him after multiple searches on the Internet through the years since then until I finally succeeded about a year ago. Can't wait to visit beautiful Germany again and to catch up with my long lost friend! Tschüss und ich hoffe, dass Sie das Programm gründlich genießen!
  • Great learning system, mediocre app

    By finn73
    As other reviews have noted, their lessons themselves are not a problem. I have used many others and Rocket has the some of the best lessons to learn a language. A mobile phone is one of the best devices to have a language learning app on just because it goes everywhere with you. Thus, it's a bit surprising they haven't put more effort into their app. It's functional, but as other have noted, buggy and lacking in basic features. BUGS: when used concurrently with other apps that use audio (specifically navigation), I have found that it often lets the other audio take over (which is fine) but then doesn't take it back and audio completely fails until I shut down both apps. Often the audio clips of phrases are missing the first few words of the phrase until you play it a second, and sometimes, third time. Lacking features: Doesn't save the last place you were at. You have to remember and then re-navigate the clumsy interface to get back. If you want to re-listen to a section of a lesson, the play bar is highly imprecise for navigation and I think I have pretty steady fingers. I often have to move it to a full minute before the part j want to re-hear in order to get to it. Please consider adding 10-second rewind and fast-forward buttons! This really makes me nuts. Please make the lessons downloadable. I listen to the lessons as I drive to work and my commute takes me through some areas with poor coverage. Considering how much I paid, it's ridiculous that I can't use the lessons when I don't have good cell service. I'm taking the time to write all this because I really think they have one of the best training programs out there, but they really are being held back by a poorly designed app.
  • Very comprehensive, but so-so interface

    By Sashazur
    If you're willing to pay, this app offers the most in-depth instruction with tons of lessons and tests. But the app is unattractive, parts of it are hard to figure out, and many on-screen controls are too small.

    By Lay Elise
    The app is AMAAAZING!!! I didn't even purchase the full version because you learn so much from the free version!!! I went from knowing not a word of Italian to being just about fluent. I can pretty much understand Italian movies and shows and I can hold a conversation in Italian. I've only been using the app for 3 days!!! The app is addicting and fun! It's very interactive. This is the best language app I've ever used. It's so underrated ‼️
  • Love the content, wish the app was better

    By jknoxtoo
    This is my first time being introduced to RocketFrench. I wish I knew about this program when I was learning Spanish. I started the free trial and learned a ton! I was more than willing to pay $150 USD for the rest of the modules. However I wish the voice recognition worked more consistently and that you could do at least some of it without data. I would love to practice French on the flight from USA to Senegal. I'll have to see if a I can download it onto my computer.
  • Great System but Buggy App

    By RadarX
    I've been a fan of Rocket for years and enjoy their offerings and style. The app however is way too buggy. Losing internet connection randomly, not allowing me to rate a phrase, etc... Here is to hoping for an update.